Activities This Week in CARC

This Week in Traverse Area Radio.

Monday  TBARG Net at 8:00 pm is On-The-Air.  Please join us Monday evening.   

The Monday Evening Social Hour Net will follow TBARG Net as usual, at approximately 8:15 pm.  Both Nets are on the W8TCM repeater in Traverse City.  146.860 mHz (-) with PL 114.8Hz and on Echolink,  W8TCM-R. 

Tuesday  Project Night –  Meet at Salvation Army Radio Room 7:30 pm.  All members welcome to attend. Activities TBD, or just casually visit.  Please Note New Time – 7:30pm  

Sunday is our best day!   As we conclude the week past and welcome the week ahead with the SMASH net on Sunday morning.  Join in the conversation on 80 Meters, 3.935 MHz.  The Sunday Morning Amateur Social Hour net has operated consistently for decades and is frequented by regulars and new folks from the East, Midwest and Canada.  Grab a cup of coffee, tune your radio to 3.935 mHz, check-in and say hello.   

Feel free to invite hams or non-hams that you think would be interested.  All are welcome!  

A Note regarding Meeting Time

All Meeting Times Now 7:30

The Salvation Army Traverse City has been an extremely generous organization with their allowance of the Cherryland ARC to use their resources and facilities on a more-than-weekly basis for several years. In turn, the Cherryland ARC has been a sustaining supporter of the organization and continues to do so. 

The Salvation Army’s slogan is “Doing the Most Good.” Their resources and facilities exist first and foremost to accomplish their mission of service to others. 

One of these services is engaging with active community groups, which often involves the use of their facility and other resources. The new schedule changes (as of the new school year) require us to alter the Cherryland ARC gathering times slightly, so that they do not cause overlap and potentially interfere with ongoing activities as the SA-TC provides service to other groups in the community. 

Adjustment of the Cherryland ARC meeting times to 7:30pm will ensure that other groups receiving services will receive the full focus of the Salvation Army and not be distracted by the logistics of resource management. 

We support the Salvation Army and we thank you as Club Members and Supports for your understanding and continued support.

Club Hosts Remembrance Dinner to honor W8TVT & W8SGR

The Club will hold a remembrance dinner for Chuck, W8SGR and Joe, K8TVT? It will be a time to share some stories about these two stalwarts of the CARC who have been pillars of the club for decades. I know there are a lot of folks, both active and inactive members, that have fond memories to share about these two great hams. 

We will meet at the Elks club next Wednesday evening (October 6th)  at about 6:00 PM.  Dinner will be off the menu so you can order anything you want.

If someone has pictures to display that would be great.

We would appreciate if you can RSVP.  Please Reply by Email to:   Let me know who and how many people will attend.

September Cherry Juice Newsletter is here.

The September 2021 Issue of Cherry Juice is published.  Click here for your copy. 

Inside this issue- CARC Annual Fox Hunt, and all that went into making this year’s hunt so special.  Plus: details to build your own 3 element 2 meter Yagi antenna. 

A special SKYWARN update is inside.  All free and waiting for you to join in. See page 15 for News you can use covering Super Saturday the 18th of September, the monthly Calendar and more.   Get your copy today. Pass it on to a friend!

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Houston, No Problem!

with NA1SS

Friday June 28 at 10:02AM
(14:02 UTC)


If you missed the event (in person or live-streamed, or on local cable channel 189) you can catch the replay of the stream (very good quality and audio) at this link:

contact begins at 33:05, so you can either fast forward or use this link:
Making Contact with NA1ISS as it passes over North America and within range.
Special guest and Astronaut who was on board the ISS Col. Greg Johnson gave a presentation prior to and a Q&A after the event which is very awesome to listen to.
WZ8C with Col. Greg Johnson
Some of our AWESOME take-down crew!
The rest of our take-down crew and el-presidente! KC8RLU
( Joe took everything we could throw at him – 12 cinder blocks, 2 antennas, lots of steel framing and lots of hardline and coax. Of the entire take-down crew, I think he got the most waterlogged..)
Q&A with Col. Johnson. His exact words: “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I will tell you, this is the NUMBER ONE BEST HAM RADIO INTERCHANGE I’ve EVER WITNESS. I kid you not. It’s the best one. No kidding!”
Brook N8OCX, and Joe N8CN
Brook designed and built the rack-mounted station and provided most of the equipment shown which was used for the contact.

We continue to receive notes of gratitude, thanks, and interest in the CARC and Ham Radio in general in response to this event which was widely covered in the media:

We are still collecting media files (pictures, video and audio) from many sources and will present these to a future Cherryland ARC meeting and have them available online.

The Cherryland ARC is proud and honored to have assisted to provide the youth of the area a unique opportunity to engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience and be introduced to cutting-edge technology and the intersecting STEM, Robotics, Mechelectronics, Computer, Biology, and other science-related topics intertwined into this experience. We hope this helps to direct, propel, and inspire our area youth to embrace a high-tech career path and to be fluent with the tools, technology, science, and terminology as we look to them to forge our future.

We wish to thank Dale Williams, Director of the Great Lakes Division of the ARRL for attending, our ARISS mentors Gordon Scannell and Larry Koziel, and the entire ARISS team who incidentally watched our content live while at their yearly face-to-face conference in Canada. We wish to thank NASA, CASIS, and the team at Houston watching the interaction. We wish to thank Astronaut Col. Greg Johnson for his involvement with the program. We wish to thank ALL of the support from the Cherryland ARC, namely financial support from Ernest and Jennifer Abel, David Wilcox, and the New Approaches Center in Traverse City. We also wish to thank the Traverse Area District Library for.. EVERYTHING! They invited us to facilitate contact when a Telebridge style contact (not direct ham radio, a contact via phone line) was a possibility being considered. We are happy that we were given the opportunity to participate in this and make it a success. The TADL team is AMAZING without question, and we thank them for their coordination of literally everything, and unending hospitality, and interest in our group and members.

Finally but most of all, we wish to thank our spouses for tolerating our absence and stress through this process. We intend to repay this debt gradually over time with many kind returns.

Stay tuned for a CJ article and club presentation on this marvelous experience. We hope you were able to tune in!

Joe N8CN
Cherryland Amateur Radio Club