Can you find the fox?

meet at Salvation Army at 2:30 pm,

gathering at Sleders after the hunt, about 4pm

Last year, Ward, Chuck and Glen were the first to find the fox!

This year, One of these three folks has some sneaky ideas on where to hide — do you have what it takes to…

Gather up your fox hunting gear and bring it down to the Salvation Army on Sunday.
We will be there at around 2:30 to begin to set up.
THE HUNT will begin at 3pm SHARP.
We will use the time beforehand to coordinate and visit.

No Direction-Finding antennas or gear? Not a problem!! We can demonstrate how to find directions using just your HT and your body.

Never done this before? We’ll need Drivers and Riders! Everything is more fun with more people. Those with the most success usually have one person operating the radios and one person operating the vehicle (it’s safer this way anyway!) and often it helps to have a navigator or someone keeping their eyes peeled outside the vehicle for the target – the fox!

So – if you’ve never done this before or don’t have any DF gear – PLEASE don’t let that stop you from attending! You can contribute, and I guarantee you’ll have fun! Your team can be the first to find the fox!

There will be a post-hunt gathering at Sleders at 4pm (or just after if the hunt goes longer than an hour.)

Joe says he’s got some sneaky ideas for his hiding spot. The last time Joe hid, Ken W8QKP set the fastest-find record a few years back– he found Joe within about 15 minutes of the hunt starting! Joe says he doesn’t want that to happen again this year, and that he’s got a hiding spot  idea that nobody will be able to find quickly.
I say we prove Joe wrong and try to break Ken’s record!

The WINNER gets to be the fox next year!

( this event is open to all! bring a friend! )

CARC Summer Picnic

Picnic is July 25th at Sayler Park

At last summer has finally come to Northern Michigan! I think we were the last place in the US to finally thaw out! One of the fun events for us in the Cherryland ARC is the annual summer picnic. The date is July 25th at Sayler Park (North of Acme).

We usually start arriving around 5:00 PM and get the grills going. Food is ready around 6:30 or 7:00 PM. As in the past, please bring a dish to share along with your table setting and beverage of choice.

The club will provide Brats, Dogs, and probably a few burgers too!  We also also bring the condiments.

YOUR JOB is to bring a dish to pass, table service, and beverages of your choosing.

Note that this would normally be a club meeting night so there is no regular club meeting this month. Also there is no project night on picnic night!
Come on over to the picnic instead!

I hope to see you there (with the family).

Joe N8CN

Cherryland ARC Lecture Series

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