Nov-Dec Cherry Juice is ready!

The November-December issue of the Cherry Juice is now online!

CJ Cover - Nov 2014

CJ Cover – 2014/11


Wait – I know what you’re saying!

“There has NEVER been a December issue!”

Well, things got a little busy in Oct-Nov and we had a hold-over.

The result is a newsletter PACKED FULL of information about recent events and happenings.

Head on over and check it out!

Thanks and 73
de Joe N8CN
Editor, Cherry Juice
Cherryland Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio Question of the Week #1

As a lead-in to the upcoming General Licensing Class, we will be posting a ham radio related question each week.

These will be questions from the General License official question pool.

If you are preparing to upgrade, these are good tests of your knowledge! Can you get them right?

If you are NOT preparing to upgrade – can you get them right anyway? It might be your calling to upgrade!

If you have already upgraded to General (or higher) – can you get them right? :)


Click Here for the question of the week!

Good Luck!

General Class Licensing Classes are coming in January

Are you a technician class ham and are wondering if there is more to ham radio than chatting on a repeater?

Perhaps you are a general class ham but passed the licensing exam but want to really know more about the “guts” of ham radio.

There is a whole world of ham radio activities that open up to you once you have your general class license! It really is exciting to be able to talk to other hams around the country and around the world. Don’t get me starting talking about DXing…. my favorite ham radio activity!

Well, we have just the way for you to upgrade your license and actually learn about the various aspects of ham radio. Starting in January, I will be teaching a general class-licensing course. We will be using the ARRL General Class Licensing Manual (7th edition). In addition, we will watch videos for each of the chapters in the manual. This will not be just a “memorize the questions” class. We will actually learn about radio circuits, antennas, rules and regulations and operating procedures – the real “guts” of ham radio.

I will be signing up students starting in December and we will start the classes in January. It is our goal to have a licensing session for all the students at the end of the class.

Stay tuned to the CARC webpage for future developments. However, feel free to purchase the manual (remember, version 7) and get a head start on the class material.

Ernie, K8RCT



Keeping Track of the FEMA Courses and Digital Records

If you have completed your FEMA courses, we would be grateful if you would FORWARD copies to the TBARG account at:

To search your emails, go to your usual email provider (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).  In the search area, enter FEMA IC – this should go through all of your old emails.  This will find the FEMA completion email that was sent to you – select each email and use the FORWARD button (if you use the REPLY command on your email, it will add extra characters and break the FEMA links)

Why is this needed? – TBARG is going all digital in record keeping. We need to verify each members training and it gives us instant access to your records.  We will also create a unique folder (only you and the web administrators can access) that gives you instant access to your training.  We will sent you an email with a link, tap that link on your smartphone or home computer and you will see your certificates in full color (saved in PDF format).  Click the link below for an sample directory:

Should you need your records for another agency or be challenged in the field, taping the link will show verification (if there is no Internet, these files can be saved in your phone).  Want a copy of your FCC license on your smartphone and your certificates in one place?  No problem – we will add it to your directory (or just come to the next CHERRYLAND ARC meeting and Glen will copy/upload it for you). All of this data will be backed up on the Internet and locally with USB drives.

Glen Johnson KD8VSI
Secretary for TBARG

HF Digital Lecture and Files

Thank you John Clements KC9ON for the very interesting lecture on HF Digital Communications for the Cherryland ARC members on October 28th.   John also shared over 2800 files dealing with HF Digital and Ham Radio.  Because he only had a few disks, he is allowing us to post a copy of the disk.  These are all files that can be freely downloaded on the web but are compiled in one place.  Click on the following links for more information.

HF Digital Communication and Ham Files

John’s Web Site

Powerpoint and PDF Presentation on HF Digital Communication



Streaming Audio from the Club Repeaters – Online Now!

Broadcastify - W8TCMIf you’re like me, sometimes your schedule is so busy that you just can’t get to the radio to check into the MESH Net, or maybe you are stuck in a basement or at work and wish you could listen to the repeater. Well – dread no more, I have a solution to your woes!

I was wondering what to do with some extra hardware that I was playing with after a repeater interfacing mock-up I was working on a couple of months ago. Without going into a lot of technical detail, I was able to reconfigure some older systems, repurpose a couple of scanning receivers that my wife will no longer allow me to set up in main rooms in our house, and configured it to stream audio from both repeaters live to the internet!

That’s right – if you have internet access, you can listen to the W8TCM Repeaters Live! Thanks to the folks at (in partnership with broadcastify) you can listen for free, and I can stream it to their servers for free. You can search for “W8TCM” right from the main page and find it, or you can use this link:

IOS app

IOS app

At the time of writing, from the webpage you are able to stream into Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes, or Winamp. There is also a Java player and a web-based player. There is an app called “Scanner Radio” in both the Android Google Play and IOS Apple App Stores

– for free!

So – enjoy the repeater audio, whether you’re stuck in a basement or miles away!

– 73 Joe N8CN