Have you been Sagging lately?

Well, I know several of us spent last Saturday Sagging at the Interlochen Bikes for Books event. There were four different bike routes for the participants and hams from the Cherryland ARC patrolled the routes on the look-out for problems such as lost bikers, breakdowns or any other problems that might happen during the event.

We used the clubs 146.86 Mhz repeater to keep in contact. One of the routes was over 30 miles long and extended all the way to Crystal Mountain!. One lucky ham, Jim Palmer (K8OJP) was the lucky ham who got that route!

Participating in the event was Chuck (W8SGR), Ernie (K8RCT) and Jim (K8OJP). Click here for pictures from the event.

Oh yea, you asked “What’s a SAG?” The term sag means the “Safety and Guidance” patrol.

Ernie K8RCT


Got Radio? $26 to $53

Cherryland ARC has planned to keep a steady supply of Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF Ham radios available for purchase at our monthly meetings and events.  This is a great beginner/backup radio pre-programmed for repeaters from Muskegon to Mackinaw Bridge (75 repeaters).  For $26, you get the Baofeng UV-5R with an 1800 mAh battery for $26.  For $39, you get the same radio with an 3800 mAh battery which lengthens the radio and gives it a solid feel.  For $53, get the radio, 3800 mAh battery, and 14.5 inch antenna (which greatly improves the radio).  We purchase them from Amazon, program and charge them, and sell them at cost plus a $2 donation to the Cherryland ARC.  For $3, we have a list of all the programmed frequencies plus menu options printed on a 3 X 5 cards for quick reference.  If you are interested in Ham Radio (the club can help you to get your Technician license) or a “been-there-done-that” Ham operator, this is a great deal.  The radio package includes:

  • Our Version of a Quick Start Guide and Suggested Accessories
  • Printed List of 75 Local Repeaters Programmed into the Radio; 2 Simplex frequencies
  • The ability to scan local police and fire analog frequencies
  • Listen to broadcast FM stations
  • 7 NOAA Weather Stations; 2 Coast Guard frequencies (16 and 22) are also included

You can buy one at the monthly meetings or send an email to cherrylandarc@gmail.com to reserve one for you.  You can pick it up at my office in Traverse City Monday thru Friday if you can’t make the Swap or monthly meetings.

If you have already bought one, bring it to the monthly meeting and I will load the “updated” list at no charge.

Glen K8SGZ

146.86 and 442.50 on the air! Work Completed!

146.86 and 442.50 are now back on the air!

The 146.86 repeater now enjoys a nice continuous run of 1-5/8″ hardline to its DB-224E antenna at 367-386ft on the WBPN tower.

The 442.50 repeater also has a new run of 7/8″ hardline to its DB-408B antenna.
Here is a picture of the new, installed DB-224E for 146.86:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 19.35.53


With the above picture, it’s hard to put into perspective where our antenna is on the tower.
Here is another shot which should provide some perspective (antenna circled in red):

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 19.36.08

Try it out! Let us know!

We’ve already been getting many reports that the 146.86 repeater is reaching further than before, hearing better than before, and is experiencing no intermittent noise and interference.

We are eager to hear about your experiences! Please send your reports as you’re able! Feel free to email them to cherrylandarc@gmail.com


Special thanks go to:
Jim Marco, Chief Engineer, WPBN-GTU
John Martin, Engineer, CMU
The entire crew at Northern Tower
EVERYONE who donated to help fund this project!! THANK YOU!