Fox Hunt Sunday, August 24, 3pm

FOXHUNT2014Hello CARC members, it’s that time of year again for the annual Fox Hunt! As you know, this is both a fun and useful event because it hones our skill at RDF (radio direction finding).

 So dig out those RDF’ing antennas and receivers and plan to participate this year. The first person(s) to catch the fox gets the honor to be the fox next year. Last year’s winner, and this year’s  fox is Ken Musson, W8QKP. Knowing Ken, he’ll have some scheme to outfox the fox hunters!

 Because of how well it worked last year, we will be holding the event on a Sunday afternoon again so that we can enjoy a picnic after the hunt.  We will meet at the Salvation Army parking lot at 3 pm on August 24 to start off the hunt.

Ernie has found some interesting plans for a fox hunting antenna.  If you are interested, come on down to project nights and build one. A couple of us will be building “shielded loop” antennas on Tuesday night.


Hope, AA8SN

President CARC