CARC Summer Picnic, Tuesday, July 26th

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful summer weather! It is great to be able to get out and swim in Long Lake again after the long winter months. These are the days we look forward too on those cold January days.

Here is another chance to get out and enjoy the summer – the annual CARC summer picnic! This year we will again have our summer outing at Saylor Park North of Acme. The date is July 26th. The club will provide the brats and dogs (sorry, there will already be plenty of “HAM”) and you are asked to bring your favorite summer dish to share. Bring your own tableware and adult beverage!

We usually start arriving around 5:00 for our eyeball QSO’s and dinner is on the grill around 6:00 PM.

If you have some radio gear to sell you can bring it out and offer it to the picnickers.

June Monthly Meeting: WPBN-WGTU overview by Jim Marco, W8JGP

For our June 28 Meeting Program we have the pleasure of hosting Jim Marco, W8JGP. Jim is the Chief Engineer for WPBN-WGTU, which some of you may recognize as “TV 7&4” up on the hill just off M-72.

WPBN-WGTU is an ABC Television affiliate owned and operated by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc. which is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the US today.

WPBN-WGTU has graciously hosted the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club’s 2-meter and 70-centimeter repeaters for many years, starting in early 1980.

This (hosting our repeaters) is just a drop in the proverbial bucket of the different outreach programs and public services that Sinclair and WPBN-WGTU offer to the Traverse City are and surrounding communities.

Jim will offer a presentation on these programs and services, present an overview of the station and some of its history, and will also share some of the juicy technical details behind running a flagship broadcasting station in the area. We hope you can attend, this program is sure to be fascinating! See you there!

We will also have a report on the Field Day activities that happened this past weekend. Wow, what a weekend! This had to be the best Field Day that I have ever attended. Our Field Day band captains will give a run down on each of their stations.

The whole Field Day was a success because everyone was working together to make it happen. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the club effort. I know there are many people who made Field Day as success (I think more than 30 hams showed up) but I would like to thank the following people for their special efforts:

First of all there is the Kiessel family who generously let us use their orchard as our Field Day site, Glen Johnson who cooked up special meals (yummy lobster and ribs) for the folks, and Chris Parish for furnishing the solar power array that powered all the stations for the whole 24 hours.

We have some upcoming events that we want to discuss at the meeting. First of all there is the annual summer picnic that is held in July. Also, the Salvation Army has asked for our assistance in two events.

The first event is “Christmas in July” which is a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. We are asked if we could ring the kettle bells for this event. We’ve been offered our favorite site, the Horizon bookstore. The dates are July 15th-16th from 10 AM to 6 PM. The Salvation Army has been our main served agency and has supported our club by letting us use the clubroom and also host our meetings. Let’s show them our support on July 16th. I’ll have a sign-up sheet at the meeting.

The second event is a youth event down in Rockford Michigan on July 9th. They are looking for some hams to come and monitor the event, which I think is a long distance foot run for youth.

So, as you can see, we have an interesting meeting on Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Salvation Army. Coffee and donuts provided (I’m still digesting ribs!)

Ernie, K8RCT


2016 Central MI ARC Hamfest, July 30 in Holt MI

Greetings from the Central MI Amateur Radio Club in Lansing MI :

Our 2016 Hamfest will be Saturday July 30th once again at the Holt Christian Church just south of Lansing MI, and we would love to see you there ! Please share this information with your club members, friends, and other hams.

You can find the entire hamfest flyer (with map) at, and there is also a .jpg included here if you just want a quick add for your newsletter and/or website.


Kenny Hazlett N8BVV
Public Information Officer
Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club
Lansing MI

Cherryland ARC Lecture Series

Missed the monthly Cherryland ARC meeting?  Catch the monthly lectures:

  • County Hunters – May 2015 Lecture – click here.
  • Mike Flynn KC8GW – April 2015 Lecture on Yaesu SystemFusion – click here.
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  • Chris Parrish KD8MTT – February 2015 Lecture on J Pole Antennas – click here.
  • Warren Lange W8KAN – September 2015 written lecture notes – click here.
  • Scott Rought – January 2016 Lecture on QRP – click here.
  • Chris Parish – February 2016 Lecture on Solar Power – click here.
  • Greg Suma – May 2016 – Radio Contesting – click here.

Got Radio? $26 to $53

Cherryland ARC has planned to keep a steady supply of Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF Ham radios available for purchase at our monthly meetings and events.  This is a great beginner/backup radio pre-programmed for repeaters from Muskegon to Mackinaw Bridge (75 repeaters).  For $26, you get the Baofeng UV-5R with an 1800 mAh battery for $26.  For $39, you get the same radio with an 3800 mAh battery which lengthens the radio and gives it a solid feel.  For $53, get the radio, 3800 mAh battery, and 14.5 inch antenna (which greatly improves the radio).  We purchase them from Amazon, program and charge them, and sell them at cost plus a $2 donation to the Cherryland ARC.  For $3, we have a list of all the programmed frequencies plus menu options printed on a 3 X 5 cards for quick reference.  If you are interested in Ham Radio (the club can help you to get your Technician license) or a “been-there-done-that” Ham operator, this is a great deal.  The radio package includes:

  • Our Version of a Quick Start Guide and Suggested Accessories
  • Printed List of 75 Local Repeaters Programmed into the Radio; 2 Simplex frequencies
  • The ability to scan local police and fire analog frequencies
  • Listen to broadcast FM stations
  • 7 NOAA Weather Stations; 2 Coast Guard frequencies (16 and 22) are also included

You can buy one at the monthly meetings or send an email to to reserve one for you.  You can pick it up at my office in Traverse City Monday thru Friday if you can’t make the Swap or monthly meetings.

If you have already bought one, bring it to the monthly meeting and I will load the “updated” list at no charge.

Glen K8SGZ