Club Repeaters

Club Analog / Yaesu System Fusion Digital Repeaters

Light Red is 146.860- Dark Red is 442.500+
Light Red is 146.860-, Dark Red is 442.500+

The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club owns and operates two repeaters under the club’s callsign, W8TCM:

  • 146.860- (PL 114.8)
  • 442.500+ (PL 114.8)5200-dual-bander

We have an online feed provided by Broadcastify.
Both repeaters are on the same stream.
The left channel is 146.86 and the right channel is 442.500.
To stream audio online from these repeaters, click here.

The 146.86 repeater has a remote EchoLink (svxlink) uplink. It is node ID 824031 and is searchable on most EchoLink applications as “W8TCM-R” or just W8TCM.

Both repeaters are located at the WPBN tower on M-72 immediately west of Downtown Traverse City (44.7764532,-85.6841543).

Club DMR Digital Repeaters

The Traverse Bay Amateur Radio-Emergency Group (TBARG) owns and operates a

DMR / MMDVM repeater under the group’s callsign KD8OXV.


TimeSlot 1: TGIF DMR Network
—-Talk Group 2416 – Region 7 RACES (full-time link)
TimeSlot 2: Brandmeister
—-Talk Groups function as normal Brandmeister TS2 groups

This repeater is lower-coverage / lower-range, and is also lower-powered. It is located on the West side of Traverse City. (44.7607535,-85.6521661)

Cherryland ARC Analog / YSF Repeater
Technical Details

The repeaters are housed at this location with many thanks to a very generous arrangement with CMU, WPBN/WGTU and their respective management.

( The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club is in no way affiliated with CMU, WPBN/WGTU or their respective management. )

Both the VHF and UHF repeaters are Yaesu SystemFusion DR-2X repeaters running in AMS (Automatic Mode Selection) mode and are capable of repeating both Analog (CTCSS 114.8 required) and Digital YSF (C4FM) signals. The repeaters are set for 38W output on the High Power setting. You might notice that this is not one of the default choices of 5, 25 or 50. This was achieved through using the service menu and tuning the exciter and PA softpots to produce less power on the High Power setting. This will extend the life of the PA units, which are not necessarily rated for continuous duty at 50W, contrary to the dubious wording in the specification for the Yaesu DR-1X and DR-2X repeaters. 

This repeater is frequently used as the first-responding and wide-area RACES/ARES/SATERN Emergency Service repeater for the Traverse City area, Grand Traverse county, and many surrounding areas due to the wide coverage.