Traverse Area District Library event “Talk to an Astronaut”

Have you ever talked to an Astronaut?
via Ham Radio?

The Traverse Area District Library presents, as a part of their Summer Reading Program theme “A Universe of Stories” for 2019:


The Traverse Area District Library has published a full press-release, and you can read about the effort here:

Article in the 2019 April Cherry Juice

If you missed it, please go back and read the article in the
April 2019 Cherry Juice:

There are more details there centric to the Cherryland ARC and Amateur Radio components to this in the Cherry Juice article.

April 2019 CJ

Some of you also may have seen the presentations at a few CARC Board and Regular meetings. 

The Cherryland ARC has donated money to the effort, and the team is also grateful for other efforts of generosity to make sure the contact is a success!

Members of the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club assemble the 14-element VHF Switchable Cross-Polarized High-Gain M2 antenna that will be used with a pre-amp and power amp atop the Yaesu G-5600 Rotator with GS-232A/B computer controlled auto-tracking.
The antenna will be located on the roof of the Traverse Area District Library.
ARISS Mentors Larry K8MU and Gordon KD8COJ, and TADL engineer Jeff KD8KXJ during the initial site survey for the ARISS contact.

Would you like to be involved?
There is a “TADL+ARISS” team responsible for assuring this effort is successful, if you would like to be a part of it please contact Joe N8CN. (
Joe N8CN
Cherryland Amateur Radio Club

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