Houston, No Problem!

with NA1SS

Friday June 28 at 10:02AM
(14:02 UTC)


If you missed the event (in person or live-streamed, or on local cable channel 189) you can catch the replay of the stream (very good quality and audio) at this link:

contact begins at 33:05, so you can either fast forward or use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OnrVCbWW9E&t=1975
Making Contact with NA1ISS as it passes over North America and within range.
Special guest and Astronaut who was on board the ISS Col. Greg Johnson gave a presentation prior to and a Q&A after the event which is very awesome to listen to.
WZ8C with Col. Greg Johnson
Some of our AWESOME take-down crew!
The rest of our take-down crew and el-presidente! KC8RLU
( Joe took everything we could throw at him – 12 cinder blocks, 2 antennas, lots of steel framing and lots of hardline and coax. Of the entire take-down crew, I think he got the most waterlogged..)
Q&A with Col. Johnson. His exact words: “I’ve been doing this a long time, and I will tell you, this is the NUMBER ONE BEST HAM RADIO INTERCHANGE I’ve EVER WITNESS. I kid you not. It’s the best one. No kidding!”
Brook N8OCX, and Joe N8CN
Brook designed and built the rack-mounted station and provided most of the equipment shown which was used for the contact.

We continue to receive notes of gratitude, thanks, and interest in the CARC and Ham Radio in general in response to this event which was widely covered in the media:





We are still collecting media files (pictures, video and audio) from many sources and will present these to a future Cherryland ARC meeting and have them available online.

The Cherryland ARC is proud and honored to have assisted to provide the youth of the area a unique opportunity to engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience and be introduced to cutting-edge technology and the intersecting STEM, Robotics, Mechelectronics, Computer, Biology, and other science-related topics intertwined into this experience. We hope this helps to direct, propel, and inspire our area youth to embrace a high-tech career path and to be fluent with the tools, technology, science, and terminology as we look to them to forge our future.

We wish to thank Dale Williams, Director of the Great Lakes Division of the ARRL for attending, our ARISS mentors Gordon Scannell and Larry Koziel, and the entire ARISS team who incidentally watched our content live while at their yearly face-to-face conference in Canada. We wish to thank NASA, CASIS, and the team at Houston watching the interaction. We wish to thank Astronaut Col. Greg Johnson for his involvement with the program. We wish to thank ALL of the support from the Cherryland ARC, namely financial support from Ernest and Jennifer Abel, David Wilcox, and the New Approaches Center in Traverse City. We also wish to thank the Traverse Area District Library for.. EVERYTHING! They invited us to facilitate contact when a Telebridge style contact (not direct ham radio, a contact via phone line) was a possibility being considered. We are happy that we were given the opportunity to participate in this and make it a success. The TADL team is AMAZING without question, and we thank them for their coordination of literally everything, and unending hospitality, and interest in our group and members.

Finally but most of all, we wish to thank our spouses for tolerating our absence and stress through this process. We intend to repay this debt gradually over time with many kind returns.

Stay tuned for a CJ article and club presentation on this marvelous experience. We hope you were able to tune in!

Joe N8CN
Cherryland Amateur Radio Club

ARISS CONTACT at the Traverse Area District Library

ARISS CONTACT via Ham Radio provided by the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club

Friday June 28 at 10:02AM
(14:02 UTC)

The Traverse Area District Library’s ARISS contact with an Astronaut will be on Friday June 28 at 14:02 UTC (10:02 local time). 

More Info about the news release here:

There will be a program leading up to, during, and after the contact.

We suggest arriving to the Library no later than 8am in order to get a good seat, because they’ll go fast!

TADL will be streaming the event on their YouTube Channel and it will also be on local Charter/Spectrum channel 189. More information about media coverage will be relayed later. 

If you visit the above link you can set a reminder to join the live 720p broadcast!

The Traverse Area District Library has published a full press-release, and you can read about the effort here:

Forecast is for Rain and possible Thunderstorms!
Scott WX1J is checking the weather-seal and the feedline protector
where the cables enter the building.
A double thumbs-up from our design engineer!

Field Day 2019 Kick-Off

All Hands on Deck for Field Day!
Field Day 2019
 June 22-23
All Hands on Deck for Field Day!
The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club is planning another awesome Field Day for 2019!

It takes a lot of ham-power to make this a successful event!

This means we need you to come out and give us a hand setting up, taking down and operating at Field Day!

This year we are expecting to have:
– Dedicated 20M Phone station
– Dedicated 40M Phone station
– VHF/Solar station
– 2 (yes two!) CW stations, multiple bands each.
– FT8 / Digital station
– GOTA (Get On The Air) station for people new to the hobby to try operating and make contacts!

To make all of this happen, we’ve got some work to do!

Here’s the rough schedule:

Tuesday, June 18th
In lieu of Project Night we will meet at Don Parker’s farm, 4786 E Hoxie Rd, Cedar MI. We will pick up the club’s trailer with generators, necessary antennas, kits, feedline, tower sections, and other necessities.
We will deliver these to the Field Day site at
10477 E Fort Rd, Suttons Bay, MI 49682.
(no set up is allowed until 2pm Friday. Staging only)

Friday, June 21st at 2:00 PM.
Major antenna and tower erection activities. This is when we start the heavy lifting for setting up the Field Day site. We really need your assistance!

Saturday morning, June 22nd.
Finish setting up Field Day, install radios and get all the equipment operational. 

Saturday afternoon, June 22nd – 2pm.
Field Day begins with all stations operating. Come on out and operate or help log contacts. Everyone gets a chance to get on the air! We have a special “Get On The Air” station and coach for all our new hams.  

Sunday, June 23rd.
Operations continue until 2:00 PM when Field Day officially ends. Then the task of taking down the antennas and packing up the equipment begins. All hands on deck for taking down equipment and cleaning up the site.

 Be sure to sign-up for the meals!
 Friday night – Pizza!

Saturday morning – Muffins, Fruit, Juice, Cereal and Milk, Coffee.

Saturday lunch – cold cuts, salad, chips, pop.

Saturday dinner – Strip Steaks! Compliments of the BARF group who are coming over!

Sunday morning – Muffins, Fruit, Juice, Cereal and Milk, Coffee.

Sunday lunch – cold cuts, salad, chips, pop. Plus all the leftovers!

We’ll have plastic utensils and paper plates for all meals.
Beer, pop, and water supplied. Bring your own wine for Saturday evening!

 Be sure to sign-up for the meals!

We hope you will join in the fun and come out to the Field Day site! 
Visit http://cherrylandarc.com/?page_id=172 for full directions to the site!

Traverse Area District Library event “Talk to an Astronaut”

Have you ever talked to an Astronaut?
via Ham Radio?

The Traverse Area District Library presents, as a part of their Summer Reading Program theme “A Universe of Stories” for 2019:


The Traverse Area District Library has published a full press-release, and you can read about the effort here:


Article in the 2019 April Cherry Juice

If you missed it, please go back and read the article in the
April 2019 Cherry Juice:

There are more details there centric to the Cherryland ARC and Amateur Radio components to this in the Cherry Juice article.

April 2019 CJ

Some of you also may have seen the presentations at a few CARC Board and Regular meetings. 

The Cherryland ARC has donated money to the effort, and the team is also grateful for other efforts of generosity to make sure the contact is a success!

Members of the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club assemble the 14-element VHF Switchable Cross-Polarized High-Gain M2 antenna that will be used with a pre-amp and power amp atop the Yaesu G-5600 Rotator with GS-232A/B computer controlled auto-tracking.
The antenna will be located on the roof of the Traverse Area District Library.
ARISS Mentors Larry K8MU and Gordon KD8COJ, and TADL engineer Jeff KD8KXJ during the initial site survey for the ARISS contact.

Would you like to be involved?
There is a “TADL+ARISS” team responsible for assuring this effort is successful, if you would like to be a part of it please contact Joe N8CN. (joe@n8cn.org)
Joe N8CN
Cherryland Amateur Radio Club


Just a reminder about the MESH NET
( MESH – Monday Evening Social Hour )

tonight at 8pm on 146.860- (PL 114.8)

OR check in via EchoLink
(W8TCM-R node ID 824031)

We welcome and encourage all amateurs to check in.
The topic for this evening to consider is:

“ What is your favorite Musical Group or Musician?
… And do you play a musical instrument?”

…Or really you can discuss any topic you wish!

3/11/2019 – Monday Evening Social Hour net
146.86- repeater PL 114.8 8pm
3/12/2019 – CARC Project Night
3/16/2019 – Crossroads Hamfest in Kalamazoo
3/17/2019 – Toledo OH Hamfest and Computer Fair
3/19/2019 – CARC Project Night
3/20/2019 – Weather Spotter Training
6pm to 8pm at the Grand Traverse
County Health Department, 2600
LaFranier Rd., TC.. 1st Fl.
Training Rm.
3/26/2019 – CARC Meeting (Programs by Tom Cash and
Dave KJ4KFJ on Skywarn, Mike KD8REH on
local Skywarn activities, and an
update from the Salvation Army on
SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency
Radio Network status)
4/20/2019 – Michigan QSO Party (thru 21st)
6/21/2019 – ARRL Field Day (thru 23rd)
6/24-30/2019 – *** TADL ARISS
See the CARC Website for more details and directions.
See the full calendar of events at:
Hope to hear you on the air!
Check out the CARC website at http://www.CherrylandARC.com

Silent Key: Beverly Stoner K8ZJU

Cherryland ARC members,

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of Beverly Stoner, K8ZJU.

If you were licensed as a ham in Northern Michigan from the 1980s until recently, there’s a very good chance Beverly (and her late husband Marion) may have been a part of the Volunteer Examiner team. She was a member of the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club along with several others, and “led the charge” for many years promoting Amateur Radio and being an exemplary steward and example of the high quality and caliber of operators we all hope to some day be.

Here is a link to and a copy of the Obituary from the Record Eagle.


Beverly May (West) Stoner

April 22, 1927 – February 26, 2019
Beverley May West was born April 22, 1927, the first child and daughter of Ira Gordon and Ada May West in Kalamazoo. She grew up there, attending Milwood Public School and Western State High School, where she graduated in 1945.

Beverly Stoner, K8ZJU

She then became a central office operator for Michigan Bell Telephone Company and worked there and in Port Huron after her marriage to Marion J. Stoner on March 8, 1947. A son, Thomas Gordon Stoner, was born to her on April 12, 1950 and a daughter, Mary Anne Stoner, on July 18, 1953. She lived in Marysville, Detroit and Dearborn Heights while the family was growing up and was very active in the Girl Scouts of Metro Detroit.

She obtained her amateur radio license in 1961, being assigned the call sign of K8ZJU, and was very involved in handling messages for service personnel during the Vietnam War. She returned to the commercial field in 1972 by joining R.L. Polk & Co. in their Taylor office as a market planner.

After a move to the Lansing area, she attended Lansing Community College to study energy efficient housing. This information was used in designing their retirement home.

She worked for the U.S. Government during the census year 1980. She then became an office manager for Wright Line, Inc. and the substitute office manager for her husband at American Microwave and Communications. She was also a private contractor doing computer entry for Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

She retired in 1991 to move to Frankfort with her husband. After the FCC stopped giving amateur radio license exams in 1984, Beverley and Marion were very active as amateur extra level volunteer examiners, giving exams in Traverse City and Manistee and in Ann Arbor after she moved to Dexter in 2008. She was a past president and life member of the Motor City Radio Club, a life member of the Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club, a member of the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club and the ARROW Communications Association. She was also a member of the Amateur Radio Relay League, Quarter Century Wireless Association, the Michigan Amateur Communication System and a founding member of The Auto State Young Ladies Radio Club. She was active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, being a trained weather spotter.

Beverley died on Feb. 26, 2019 in Ann Arbor, having been predeceased by her parents; husband Marion; brother, Arthur H. West; and daughter-in-law, Catherine Stoner.

She is survived by her son, Thomas and wife, Madeline, of Dexter; daughter, Mary Anne Nugent and husband, Jay, of Ypsilanti; grandchildren, Christopher Kane, of Canton, Charlette Stoner, of Oswego, New York, and Alexander Kane, of San Jose, California; step granddaughter, Alicia Schehr; step great-granddaughters, Ashley and Ava Schehr, of Birmingham; and three sisters-in-law, Phyllisan West, of Cape Coral, Florida, and Barbara and Jean Stoner, of Ann Arbor.

A funeral will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, at the Jowett Family Funeral Home, Benzonia, with Pastor Dinah Haag officiating. The family will receive friends from 11 a.m. until the time of the service.

Arrangements are by Jowett Family Funeral Home & Cremation Service. Benzonia.

(Published on March 10, 2019)