Local Repeaters

The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club owns and operates two repeaters under the club’s callsign, W8TCM:Repeater Talk

  • 146.860- (PL 114.8)
  • 442.500+ (PL 114.8)

To stream audio online from these repeaters, click here.

Both repeaters are located at the WPBN tower on M-72 immediately west of Downtown Traverse City (44.7764532,-85.6841543).

The repeaters are housed at this location with many thanks to a very generous arrangement with WPBN and its management.

( The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club is in no way affiliated with WPBN or its management. )

5200-dual-banderThe VHF 146.860 TX (146.260 RX, PL 114.8) repeater is a Motorola MSR2000 100W Continuous-Duty system and is controlled by an Advanced Computer Controls RC-85 (v3.0) controller in conjunction with a CSI Shared Repeater Tone Panel (to allow a secondary PL tone of 100Hz.). The repeater transmits a subaudible CTCSS/PL tone on 114.8 only when it is receiving a signal which improves the repeater’s agility when used with linked systems or deployed relay stations (or crossband repeat stations). This repeater is frequently used as the first-responding and wide-area RACES/ARES/SATERN Emergency Service repeater for the Traverse City area, Grand Traverse county, and many surrounding areas due to the wide coverage.

The UHF 442.500 TX (447.5 RX, PL 114.8) repeater is a GE repeater with a Computer Automation Technology CAT-200 repeater controller. This repeater is frequently used as the control-frequency during RACES/ARES/SATERN Emergency Service events due to the higher frequency’s ability to penetrate buildings and structures better than the VHF repeater. Its coverage distance-wise is somewhat reduced compared to the VHF system but is also considered wide-area.

To obtain free software to program a ham radio and pre-programmed files for local repeaters, click here.

Light Red is 146.860- Dark Red is 442.500+

Light Red is 146.860-
Dark Red is 442.500+

The following data is compiled from the Michigan Area Repeater Council, Inc (http//www.miarc.com) and is current as of 2/2013.

Please note that sources other than the MiARC official records are NOT official and may be out of date.

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If you are using CHIRP software to program your radio, you can find IMG files for 2 meters and 70 CM in this directory.  Repeaters for Traverse City, Traverse to Detroit, and Traverse City to Grand Rapids are available.  For step-by-step programming using CHIRP, try here.