TBI Contest Begins Today!

Hello Cherryland ARC!

Apologies for not getting this announced yesterday – it’s been a doozy at work lately.


It starts NOW – Nov 2nd – 00:00 UTC!

Here are the official rules!


Tom’s Bright Idea – Contest Rules 2017
Rules for all participants


1. Aim of the contest

The aims of the contest are to promote amateur radio activity in the greater Grand Traverse area, and to encourage amateur radio communications between amateur radio stations.

2. Eligible entrants

All licensed radio amateurs are invited to participate.

3. Period

Nov 2, 2017 (0000 UTC)  to Nov 30, 2017 (0400 UTC)

That’s Nov 1st, 8pm to Nov 30 Midnight in Eastern Time!

4. Entry Categories

Phone and CW entries will be scored as separate contest with a winner for each.

4.1 Single Operator – Single TX

Single operator means that one person performs all operating, logging and spotting functions without any external assistance.

4.1.1 Stations

  • All Band – High Power 150W and up
  • All Band – Low Power 5W-150W
  • All Band – QRP 5W or less
  • (submitted logs can contain multiple power settings)

5. Frequencies to be used

​CW : (any valid Amateur frequency for this mode)
Phone : (any valid Amateur frequency for this mode)

6. Contest exchanges

  • The contest exchange consists of RS(T) plus serial number sequence starting with 001 (e.g., 59(9) 001).
  • QSO’s after 999 are numbered 1000, 1001, etc.
  • Serial number sequence is to be used only within similar modes; if a station works both CW and Phone contests, each carries an independent serialized sequence.
  • The same station may be worked once per day, per mode on each band.
  • The minimum content of a valid contest QSO is a correct callsign and correct contest exchanges.

7. Scoring

A QSO with correct callsign and received exchange counts for QSO points. QSO’s with stations that do not give the required contest exchange do not count for QSO points.

7.1 Power Levels:

  • QRP stations are worth five (5) points per complete QSO.
  • Low-power stations are worth two (2) points per complete QSO.
  • High-power stations are worth one (1) point per complete QSO.

8. Multipliers
8.1 For Michigan stations:

Any Michigan County, Any State, Any country is valid for 1 multiplier per band.

8.2 For non-Michigan stations:

Any Michigan County, Any State, Any country is valid for 1 multiplier per band.

8.3 For CARC Members:

Any current and valid Cherryland ARC Member is valid for 2 multiplier per band.

8.4 For consecutive contacts:

Number of consecutive days on which you make at least one contact: this is your multiplier per band, per QSO


9. Final score

To calculate the final score, multiply the sum of QSO points with the sum of multipliers.

10. Logs

  • Logs must be submitted separately for CW and Phone.
  • QSO’s must be listed in chronological order.
  • Format may be paper or electronic (Cabrillo format).
  • Can email logs to only1kc8rlu@yahoo.com
  • By submitting a log, you agree that your log and the corresponding log checking report may be made open to the public.
  • Leave all your QSOs in the log, dupes included. The log checking software will find the dupes and mark them with zero points.


11. Closing date for logs

Cabrillo logs or typed-in paper logs shall be uploaded no later than 7 days (Dec 7, 2017), at 03:59 UTC after the end of the contest. Logs submitted after the deadline will be listed as checklogs.

12. Awards

Depending on the number of participants, the Contest Committee has discretion over the awards.

13. Judging

Violation of Amateur Radio Regulations in the country of the entrant or the rules of this contest, unsportsmanlike conduct, and taking credit for unverifiable QSO’s or multipliers may lead to disqualification.
The decisions by the Contest Committee are final and definite. The right to changes in these rules is reserved.

15. Organizer

The Cherryland Amateur Radio Club (CARC)  is the organizer of the contest.

The contest is administered by a committee composed of appointees.


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